Chapter 1 Survival

Once upon a time, a little kid called Jake Ramsey begs to see scary movies but,

His mom never let him to see scary movies. One day he dreamed a scary thing, on

That day cold rain, thunderstorms, tornados & lightning bolts was striking so strong

That nobody can survive that NIGHT!.  Suddenly! Jake woke up and see in the

Window, what he saw is that trees on fire, houses destroyed & roads tarred off, he

So scared, then he turned on the T.V to see what happened, but HE JUST SAW


TURNING THE FREAKING T.V OFF!!!!!!. Then, slendermen just step out off

The T.V and scared him off. Then, slendermen just leave him off because he

Scared too much. Jake just saw a chest with 64 gold, golden sword & a

Golden armour. Then he saw a light tower top off the Himalayas, then he take

A 1,000,000,000,000 mile hike. So then he goes the tower and just saw some

Stupid signs and some papers sticking on the wall, so he CONFIDENTLY,


Then some was freaking ZOMBIEZZZZZZZZZ! APPROACHED! Then the fight begins

He suited up slash those zombies into VIRUS BLOOD, and then slendermen saw him

And clapped, Jake said ‘’very funny slendermen’’ then he jumped and pierce

Him in the brain and take his helmet off and roll it as a ball then slendermen just

Explode with a strong flash!, then slendermen wrote a sign ‘’I failed you’’ then

Returned home safely…

Mohehehehehahaha! efienfuifbjUNhibIUJFNIbiesnfhInfnuinzrngiunognignrjgninienrgn




Chapter 2 Zombie Army

Then shivered was in a mission to search the butcher (his old uncle) and finding a way to search the bad HEROBRINE. Jake meet his uncle and asked

‘’Where in the universe of the heck or hell do I get to the herobrine!’’ butcher

Said ‘’He is in the heavens capturing all gods, you must need this gadget to teleport

There’’. Jake go there and saw a monster dungeon, he entered there and saw

Nothing, he light up his torch and search everything, just saw some stone carving,

Tablets, weapons & zombie skeletons, then suddenly! A piston door closed quickly,

He was scared, and because of that, a sound just echoed of trough a tunnel, He

Quickly followed there and SAW A BILLION, BILLIONS, BILLIONS & BILLIONS OF ZOMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He just gets his gadget pressed the MAJESTIC, AWESOME, COOL, BAD, And MAD EMP (Electro Magnetic Force) just throw those zombies out of the whole

Entire universe.   Herobrine admit slenderman to KOPIKOKIKOPAKOKA hospital.

He was admitted for 1,000,000,000,000 years, jake suddenly thought to go



The Prize – Chapter 1

The prize

A day, raining highly…

A ghostly fog appearing, “whoa!” stupid cars creeping around. Jay went to office and he’s like “whoa!” like what the crap is he pissed off with?

Chapter 1: the fuss

Jay has to go to china because he has to sign a contract about running robots. China is the first place to run robots but, I don’t understand… said si lens heir. He was jay’s sidekick, but, he is banned from Las Vegas to WA. He spends his life always with the bar. Joey, his cousin was a lawyer in jay’s office. The company thought we can precede a marketing procedure. Jay is a recruiter. He keeps recruiting 1,00,00,00,000 of people an year. Soon, was to be a vice president of it so yeah. Jay’s everyday salary is about 15,000. He’s succeeded to be a manager but it’s impossible. So, they placed there company on Dubai, which was called as “Spectator.” He doesn’t have a contract to be in that company, “you bunch of glumly bazookas’.”  Said jay… but, why the hell does the company want a contract? I can’t understand. Then a sound of someone begging that “I want a company.” He was a normal person so, spectators is finding his profile by asking him his memories. …so, jay went back to china for bringing his contract, ka-boom! What happened? China’s robots were deactivated. Jay travelled to Dubai and tells si lens heir that the robots are going crazy. So, we started robots to kill those junk. A murder case has been detected! Name: Steve wills, one of the best serial killers ever. But, china’s in great danger and them doesn’t even care about it and being like “what about it? Yeah what about it?” this is stupid. Great snakes we haven’t seen the maelstrom, captain warren woods worth. He was the ruler of maelstrom. Maelstrom’s a place where military war equipments stay at. Maelstrom is a government order.  But, there’s a problem, the MAC (Macintosh) system is been Auto-shutdown. So there is been lots of stuffs around here.


One World One War

Chapter 1: The Two Demon Kings

Demon witch

The witches of the elf and dwarf age, demon witch has resurrected from the grave and even survived Thor’s ultimate summon thunder slash with his hammer (mjolnir). Demon witch’s power was too powerful that his anger was his weakness and that is why he destroyed his own world and his soul was the only thing left. But, when he came earth, he saw humans then he vanished but he is still somewhere right now…


Ares, the god of war has died in the hands of Kratos a.k.a the god of war, the ghost of Sparta. But from lord Loki he also did got resurrected. Ares has the best made swords ever and he made one for Zeus

Chapter 2: the earth’s protection



žAsgard, earth’s best place for living. Asgardians has 5 classes 1.blaster 2.bruiser 3.scrapper 4.infiltrator 5.gernalist. Thor’s only home is here, his father lord odinson is the king of Asgard and also the father of thor and Loki. asgard’s deadly resources cannot form on any other planet.


Chapter 3 gods vs. demons


žThe War

žThor takes his hammer and summoned thunderstorms everywhere, perseus pierced every single ghosts throat. Hercules jumped and smashed over the ground and the Impact was ultra massive. Thor throws his hammer , perseus  ridded his Pegasus with  Zeus’s thunder bow and finally the demon witch and ares .

Chapter 4: Destroying Ares


žAres still alive???

Thor is throwing his hammer right on his face then Hercules cannon bolted on ares’s thorax. thor recharges his hammer and asked Hercules and perseus to create the summon thunder bolt so they did it to Ares and he died then peace returned to earth.